UVS100 Premier Series Custom Sunscreen
UVS100 heat protection paired with premium bindings and stylized designs
The Covercraft UVS100 Premier Series Custom Sunscreens have all the amazing benefits of the Original UVS100 Sunscreens which are custom-fit to your exact windshield and designed to protect your vehicle from UV damage while dramatically lowering the vehicle temperature. These custom sun shades also have an elegant black backing, two new unique outer layer reflective stylized options.
  • Custom Patterned for a Perfect Fit
  • Triple Laminate Construction
  • Foam Core Center Acts as an Insulator
  • Helps Reflect Damaging UV Rays
  • Elegant Black Binding
  • 1-Year Warranty
Choose 3 elegant stylized reflective color options:
Chrome Camoflauge (EC)
Chrome Camoflauge (EC)
Galaxy Silver (GS)
Galaxy Silver (GS)
White (WH)
White (WH)
Great product and quality is outstanding
This is my fifth sunscreen, would not have a car without one
Very nice product for the money. I have one for all my cars.
Always been impressed with Covercraft products, all fit perfectly.
In the Texas sun it is a must. The quality and fit of your sunscreens is second to none.