Colgan Full Bras
Full front coverage protection with T-Style Hood for trucks, vans and sport utilities.
Bill Colgan, “Father of the Car Bra,” created the first car bra in 1961 for German engineers interested in providing a better protective cover while road testing cars... particularly new Porsches! Today, our commitment to testing and development still makes Colgan the innovative leader in the car bra industry. Our fine bras set the standards by which other car bras are measured. At Colgan, car bras are our main business because we believe that no matter what you drive, you and your car deserve the very best.
  • Full front coverage protection with T-Style Hood for trucks, vans and sport utilities.
  • Double Padding – At critical areas, prevents wear-thru and protects finish.
  • Maximum Protection – 25 oz. flannel-backed vinyl with exclusive Memory Fit and UV resistant top coat.
  • Top/Double Stitch – Strengthens, adds detail and delivers a better body-hugging fit.
  • Backing – Super soft flannel keeps paint scratch free.
  • Vinyl Coated "S" Hooks – Won't scratch.
  • No Loose Parts – Everything is attached to the bra.
  • Padded Hooks – Flanned padded tabs are double-covered and reinforced. Pre-bent for easy installation.
  • Easy Installation – No tools required. No drilling, no Velcro®. Hooks are pre-bent.
  • Multi-Piece Design – Hood opens, headlights and headlight wipers operate with the bra in place.
  • 3 Year Limited Warranty
Choose from two stylish materials:
Give your vehicle year round protection against nicks, stones, bugs and flying debris with a Colgan Custom Bra. Our flannel backed vinyl is 25% heavier than our competition. This provides added quality and protection.
Saves Money
When it's time for you to trade in or sell your vehicle, a small investment now will mean much more value later.
Memory Fit
Memory Fit is a Colgan exclusive. Because of our specially fabricated vinyl and custom tailoring every Colgan Bra has a memory that assures a body hugging fit every time, and makes it the easiest bra to remove or reinstall.
Fit is where great looks start, and nothing fits your vehicle as well as a Colgan Bra. It complements the vehicle's lines and gives that sporty look so popular today.
Multi-Piece Design
The multi-piece bra was designed by Colgan over 25 years ago. Our bras today reflect the refinement and innovation we're know for. The Colgan multi-piece design allows the hood, pop-up headlights and headlight wipers to operate normally. Beware of multi-piece brands which use snaps and/or Velcro® that restrict normal operations.
If you buy another brand, a sloppy fit does more than detract from your vehicle's looks. The bra movement you see can scuff paint, and the flapping, over time, can put small dents or chips in the finish.
The Road Test
At highway speeds, where you need the most protection, it's obvious that Colgan Bras have been individually tailored to suit the vehicle. The fit stays snug with no paint damaging flap or flutter!
Awesome fit and looks great
Complete protection for the front
Very stylish and functional