Spidy Gear

Our patented design uses Mother Nature's web shape to secure
even and uneven loads
quickly and with style.

  • Constructed of heavy duty 6mm 100% stretch shock cord
  • Cords radiate from stainless steel center ring which focuses net's strength at center of load where it is needed
  • Web returns to its original unstretched shape after use
  • Available in 4 fade-resistant colors
  • Adds a sporty off-road appearance.
  • Easy installation
  • 1 Year Warranty

Luggage Webb
Luggage Webb
  • Fits vans, station wagons and
    cars with luggage racks
  • Dimensions:
    Large: 40" x 50" to 45" x 72"
    Small: 30" x 40" to 40" x 50"
  • 80121 and 80122 Available in Black, Blue, Red and Yellow
Part #DescriptionPrice 
80121-01Luggage Webb - Large (Black)$29
80121-03Luggage Webb - Large (Blue)$29
80121-06Luggage Webb - Large (Red)$29
80121-11Luggage Webb - Large (Yellow)$29
80122-01Luggage Webb - Small (Black)$29
80122-03Luggage Webb - Small (Blue)$29
80122-06Luggage Webb - Small (Red)$29
80122-11Luggage Webb - Small (Yellow)$29out of stock